Youth Coding League

SCC Soars in Youth Coding League
Posted on 09/28/2018
Students working on YCL sprints This year at SCC, we have 23 of our 4-6th grade students participating in the first ever Youth Coding League. They meet every Tuesday from 2:45-4:15 p.m. in the high school computer lab. The Youth Coding League is a free after-school program for middle school students that is supported by the Marquette Technology Institute in Cape Girardeau. The students use Google’s CS First curriculum and the Scratch programming language.
SCC’s YCL Team is competing against other area schools for exciting prizes. Mrs. Crites is the team coach for SCC and stays after to work with the students each week. There are a total of 8 sprints (each assignment is considered a sprint) in the program. After the students finish their 8 sprints, then they will break into groups to create several group projects using the things they have learned.
For Sprint 1, Skylar and Kassidy were the highest ranking YCL members from SCC. For Sprint 2, the highest-ranking members from SCC were (1st place) Skylar with 121 points, (2nd place) Briley with 105 points, (3rd place) Stevey with 104 points, and (4th place) Ellie and Kassidy with 102 points each. Stacey Lane has been monitoring and scoring each of the participating schools.
As of Friday, September 28, 2018, after all of Sprint 3 have been scored, our team is tied for 2nd place with two other schools. Currently, SCC has 17 students scored in the top 35 overall. Skylar (1st place), Stevey (4th place), Jamie (7th place), Briley (11th place), Leona (12th place), Caleb and Kassidy (17th place tie), Victoria and Tylynn (20th place tie), Lainey (24th place), Kalaiha (26th place), Brandon (27th place), Elijah (28th place), Cameron (31st place), Shyla (32nd place), De’Laya (33rd place), and Camarie (35th place).
It is great to see our students explore something new to them and do so well. Congratulations on your awesome work SCC team members.

by: Trinity