Senior Spotlight Devon

Senior Spotlight on Devon
Posted on 03/01/2019
DevonDevon is the son of Stephanie Miles and Sherman Lee Baker. Devon is a student who can keep a group of people laughing with his light-hearted humor. He has attended Scott County Central for twelve years. His senior schedule consists of Geography, two P.E. classes, English IV, Personal Finance, Resource, and Yearbook.

If Devon isn’t sleeping or eating, you can find him at the complex playing baseball with his family. Mrs. Glasener is his favorite teacher because she jokes with him and his classmates. Devon’s role model is Mr. Mize, because he has never failed to believe in him. His favorite class is Mrs. Cline’s Geography class because they get to cook unique food in there.

When graduation is said and done, Devon’s plans are to start his own bakery shop. In ten years, he sees himself married with two kids and making a lot of money. Devon’s advice to underclassmen is, “Better try now ‘cause it just gets harder”. One of his favorite quotes is, “Life will never be easy because people are going to be people, they are going to lie, cheat, steal, and hate.”

Scott County Central is ready to see Devon do big things. Best of luck in all your endeavors.

Written by: Abby