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Faculty & Staff

Alvin McFerren - Superintendent email: amcferren@scottcentral.k12.mo.us
Stacey Russell - Elementary Principal email: srussell@scottcentral.k12.mo.us
John-Mark Jones - High School Principal email: jjones@scottcentral.k12.mo.us
Stacey Uhrhan - Administrative Assistant email: suhrhan@scottcentral.k12.mo.us
Lana Atkins - Special Education Director email: latkins@scottcentral.k12.mo.us
Pamela Glasener - Technology Coordinator / Business Education email: pglasener@scottcentral.k12.mo.us 
Kim Blissett - Testing Coordinator/Curriculum Coordinator  email: kblissett@scottcentral.k12.mo.us
Mary Blisset - Elementary Secretary email: mblisset@scottcentral.k12.mo.us
Donna Hilkencamp - High School Secretary email: sccsec@scottcentral.k12.mo.us
Gennell Casey - Special Education Secretary email: gcasey@scottcentral.k12.mo.us
Teresa Cook - Title 1 Reading email: tcook@scottcentral.k12.mo.us
Courtney Copeland - 4th Grade email: ccopeland@scottcentral.k12.mo.us
Cristy Crites - Art Education email: ccrites@scottcentral.k12.mo.us
Sue Crocker - Nurse email: scrocker@scottcentral.k12.mo.us
Arnold Davis - Custodian  
Susan Bohnert - 7-9 Social Studies email: sbohnert@scottcentral.k12.mo.us
Scarlett Dittlinger - Elementray Counselor email: sdittlinger@scottcentral.k12.mo.us
Rebecca Caudle - High School Counselor email: rcaudle@scottcentral.k12.mo.us 
Shelly Dohogne - Early Childhood Special Education email: sdohogne@scottcentral.k12.mo.us
Jeremy Frazier - Band email: jfrazier@scottcentral.k12.mo.us
Amber Gill - 3rd Grade email: alaster@scottcentral.k12.mo.us
Tracy Hampton - Custodian  
Keyth Blissett - 5th Grade email: keythblissett@scottcentral.k12.mo.us
Andrea Heuring - Family and Consumer Science email: aheuring@scottcentral.k12.mo.us
Cindy Hulshof - ECSE Aide email: chulshof@scottcentral.k12.mo.us
Traci Bollinger - SEMO COOP Aide email: tbollinger@scottcentral.k12.mo.us
Jean Kambitch - 5th Grade email: kambitch@scottcentral.k12.mo.us
Ellee Moore - Jr. High English email: emoore@scottcentral.k12.mo.us
Kim Kesler - Special Education Teacher email: kkesler@scottcentral.k12.mo.us
Sarah Maschmann - Special Education Teacher email: smaschmann@scottcentral.k12.mo.us
Amber Gill - Librarian email: agill@scottcentral.k12.mo.us
Tana McKenzie - Kindergarten email: tmckenzie@scottcentral.k12.mo.us
Kara Harrison - Spanish email: khharrison@scottcentral.k12.mo.us
Heather Knuth - High School Science email: hknuth@scottcentral.k12.mo.us
Sarah Cline- High School Social Studies email: scline@scottcentral.k12.mo.us
Larry Latham - Bus Driver  
Wanda Latham - Cook  
Sherrie Odum - ECSE email: sodum@scottcentral.k12.mo.us 
Matt Limbaugh - High School P.E. email: mlimbaugh@scottcentral.k12.mo.us
Matt Cline - Athletic Director email: mcline@scottcentral.k12.mo.us
Janice Martin - ALC/Title 1 Tutor email: jmartin@scottcentral.k12.mo.us
John Casebolt - High School Math email: jcasebolt@scottcentral.k12.mo.us
Bethany Mize - SEMO COOP Teacher email: bmize@scottcentral.k12.mo.us
Gary Mize - Jr. High Science email: gmize@scottcentral.k12.mo.us
Veronica Mills - Food Service Director email: vmills@scottcentral.k12.mo.us
Dana Moore - Kindergarten email: dmoore@scottcentral.k12.mo.us
Daisie Mosley - Custodian  
Mary Oliver - 6th Grade email: moliver@scottcentral.k12.mo.us
Semona Penrod - Physical Education/Elementary Music/ALC email: spenrod@scottcentral.k12.mo.us
Tammy Renfro - ECSE Aide / Bus Driver email: trenfro@scottcentral.k12.mo.us
Teresa Conn - PAT email: tconn@scottcentral.k12.mo.us
Bobbie Round - Teacher's Aide email: bround@scottcentral.k12.mo.us
Rachel Schlotzhaur - Jr. High Math email: rschlotzhaur@scottcentral.k12.mo.us
Brenda Sanford - Title 1 Math email: bsanford@scottcentral.k12.mo.us
Jennifer Savat - 3rd Grade email: jsavat@scottcentral.k12.mo.us
Samantha Scherer - Preschool Aide email: sscherer@scottcentral.k12.mo.us
Crystal Slipis - Elementary Computer Lab email: cslipis@scottcentral.k12.mo.us
John Snodgrass - High School English email: jsnodgrass@scottcentral.k12.mo.us
Barb Soemo - High School Special Education email: bsoemo@scottcentral.k12.mo.us
Linda Taylor - 1st Grade email: ltaylor@scottcentral.k12.mo.us
Linda Venable - 4th Grade email: lvenable@scottcentral.k12.mo.us
Robyn Frye - 2nd Grade email: rward@scottcentral.k12.mo.us
Gina Walker - High School Special Education email: gwalker@scottcentral.k12.mo.us
Chantel Woodson - Part time/evening custodian  

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In compliance with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act o f1973, title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, and Title IX, the following notification is made:

Students, their parents, and employees of the Scott County Central School District are hereby notified that the District does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, age, or handicap, in admission or access to, treatment or employment in, its programs and activities.

If you feel that you have been discriminated against, or the district is out of compliance, you may file a grievance report with the individuals listed below.  The grievance procedures may be accessed online (under the Board of Education Tab) or by contacting the Superintendent’s office.  Copies of the grievance procedures are also located in the high school and elementary offices.


The regulation implementing Section 504 requires that an agency/facility "…adopt and implement procedures to ensure that interested persons, including persons with impaired vision or hearing, can obtain information as to the existence and location of services, activities, and facilities that are accessible to and usable by disabled persons." (45 C.F.R. §84.22(f))

Scott County Central and all of its programs and activities are accessible to and usable by disabled persons, including persons who are deaf, hard of hearing, or blind, or who have other sensory impairments.  Access features include: Convenient off-street parking designated specifically for disabled persons. Curb cuts and ramps between parking areas and buildings. Accessible entrances. Fully accessible restrooms, public waiting areas, water fountains, classrooms, and cafeteria. A full range of assistive and communication aids provided to persons who are deaf, hard of hearing, or blind, or with other sensory impairments.  There is no additional charge for such aids. Some of these aids include: Readers and taped material for the blind and large print materials for the visually impaired. Flash cards, alphabet boards and other communication boards. Assistive devices for persons with impaired manual skills. If you require any of the aids listed above, please contact the Superintendent’s office at 573-471-2686.


Scott County Central Schools